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stick to decorating the tree. that's it for "special report" tonight. bret baier is back on monday. good night from washington. breaking tonight, police and fire crews on the scene of a major gas explosion in downtown spring springfield, massachusetts. the blast reportedly felt miles await a minute plus, line cutters beware shoppers pull off punches and even weapons for their quest for black friday deals. stampede started earlier than ever. shoppers had to cross picket lines at some wal-mart stores. >> we are here to stand with the workers. >> their voices are always heard. >> and some shops could use a few more customers after super
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storm sandy. >> it was easy. here it was empty. it's empty. >> jon: the struggle to bounce back. >> god heard my prayers. >> the baby who came back from the dead. but first we begin with breaking news, a leveling buildings in springfield, massachusetts. fox 25 out of boston. officials say there was a gas leak in the area. witnesses reported windows shattering, brings flies, even a mushroom cloud rising above the epicenter of the explosion. folks say they felt and heard the boom from miles away. abulbasher of in people had significant injuries. we are told several buildings were damaged including a scores gentlemen's club right at the center of the blast. our chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is live with the news.
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we are told, jonathan, there was trouble shortly before the blast. >> yeah, john. about 4:20 eastern, this afternoon, there was, in the words of one local reporter. a real stench of gas in the several blocks surrounding what turned out to be the site of the bomb's blast in downtown springfield, massachusetts. utility workers were apparently on scene working on this. and according to that same reporter, the smell of gas had dissipated a great deal just before strangely the explosion actually happened. that was 5:30 eastern. some 90 minutes ago. as you said it leveled one building in the area, which was reported to be the location of the score's strip club. but the good news in this is the cops had moved in because of that gas leak. they had evacuated the entire surrounding area. now, they can't be absolutely certainty point that they got out. every person in every
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building, but at the moment, there are no reports of any fatalities. however, several people were injured by the flying glass and other debris. they have been taken to local area hospitals. and are being treated right now. as you can see from all the pictures we have coming, in there are still a number of cops, a number of firefighters and emt's on scene. this is a developing situation but the good news at this point is that there are no reported fatalities in what was clearly a huge blast right in the heart of springfield, mass tonight, john. >> jon: apparently it looks like a natural gas explosion. jonathan hunt. thank you. we will have continuing coverage inside "the fox report." we will go live to the scene later this hour. across the country today, americans elbowed their way through crowded stores in search of those day after thanksgiving bargains. a familiar scene, armies of shoppers clogging the aisles
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to take advantage of holiday economists call it black friday since it's the day traditionally retailers move into the black ink and turn a profit for the year. if you thought it was busy for you today. take a look at the flag ship macy's store in new york city. some 11,000 people huddled up outside waiting for the doors to open finally got. in the mall of american in minneapolis reports 30,000 folks showed up there for the mall's opening at midnight. that's up 10,000 from last year. things were a little different this time around in the sense that several major chains actually opened last evening it worked out pretty well for the folks who shopped at those locations this morning. >> we are in the in between crowd. the crazy people that come really early and then, you know, the people that sleep in. >> of course, there were also the scattered reports of violence and stupidity amid the crowds.
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[screaming] >> holy cow, this amateur video shows wal-mart shoppers in georgia pushing each other to get their hands on prepaid cell phones that were on sale. also in san antonio a guy pulled a gun on another man who was trying to cut in line at a mall. and police in springfield, massachusetts say a man there left his girlfriend's 2-year-old sonnen in the parking lot of a k-mart while he drove away with a brand new tv. we have team fox coverage of the holiday shopping. james rosen covering wal-mart protests in maryland. first though, let's go to steve brown in chicago. steve, the u.s. economy could certainly use a boost of holiday shopping. so what's the outlook? >> well, there are some good signs early. one of them comes from the national association of retailers. now, their projections tend to be pretty conservative. all the same. this organization believes that as far as retailers are
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concerned, it's going to be a pretty good 2012 holiday shopping season. we expect sales to rise 4% this year a little lower than last year. we really believe that consumers are feeling a lot more confident this year. now if you are looking for a segment to grow even faster than 4 hers projection try online already. ibm research signature it was up 17% on thanksgiving day. 20% already for this holiday shopping season, john? >> it turns out some of those black friday deals are not all they are cracked up to be. >> some of them, according to decide incorporated which part nerd up with a news corps fellow organization the "wall street journal" they took a look at some of these bargains and came to the same conclusion that shoppers came to that they are really deals.
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>> sometimes i think you can get better deals during other times. black friday is kind of a gimmicky thick. >> and that's exactly what decide inc. and the "wall street journal" found that about a third of those bigs box retailers, shopping circulars, advertising really low prices turns out a third of those items were gotten for cheaper prices at those same stores some other time during the year. so, buyer beware and you need to do your research to go out and beggar doesn't necessarily mean you are getting a better bargain. >> steve brown thank you. by midday the world's largest retailer wal-mart was already reporting that today was the best black friday ever. that's despite protests outside some of its stores as union supporters demanded higher wages and better healthcare for the company's hourly workers. the demonstrators called on those workers to walk off the job but the company reports fewer than 50 of them actually took part in the protests. james rosen is live in landover hills, maryland. james, it sounds like the protest its you covered there
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was pretty big and well-organized. >> that's right, jon. leaders of this labor action here on the scene told us that the united food and commercial workers union, or ufcw played a huge role here and helped produce the huge turnout here. five chartered buses carrying some 400 protesters rumbled into the parking lot here outside wal-mart store number 5129 in suburban, maryland around 8:30 this morning. they came armed with bull horns, elab bore signs and flags. shouted no justice, no peace. clam norred for better wages and health benefits. bobby williams and a handful of colleagues backed up by contingent of invisible plain clothe security confronted jones about this minister from washington, d.c. jones commanded assurances that 25 to 30 wal-mart workers he claimed were standing right behind him would not be retaliated against. williams politely asked them to leave and they did. so the protesters and to follow some prior instructions not to talk
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to reporters. >> ma'am, why are you here today? >> green shirt. talk to somebody in the green shirt. >> talk to the green shirt we are told. that sounds rather here is a green-shirted man. why are you here today? >> workers outside the store. wal-mart store. >> we are told to talk to the people in the green shirt you are a green shirted, so so far not that friendly to the media, but a lot of -- >> we should say that the protest errors were diverse in terms of race, age, gender and so forth. and the entire thing did unfold peaceably, jon. >> jon: i understand the protesters are promising to return? >> that's true. and wal-mart executives, however, are projecting confidence that this labor action in the end amounted to very little quote: the number of protests being reported by the union are grossly exaggerated said vice president of communications david tovar we had best black
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friday ever. the group was unable to made for tv events, unquote. the question of collaboration between these disaffected group of wall matters workers like our wal-mart and big labor is one of the big issues being investigated by the national labor relations board. the asked to halt that the union is improperly using these groups to try to unionize wal-mart's workers. the highly anticipated ruling by the national labor relations board its black friday ruling knowed it never came. and they said it won't happen until neck week, jon. >> jon: james rosen live in landover hills. thanks. the early reports of strong sales today helped fuel a rally. short day of trading. at the end of it the dow was up more than 170 points, closing about 13,000 for the first time post election season. the nasdaq um 40 and the s&p 500 up 18. deadly shooting at israel gaza
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border at the israel gaza border on the second full day of the cease-fire between israel and hamas. israeli troops shot and killed a palestinian man and wounded 19 others according to health officials in gaza. israeli commanders say crowds of palestinians were trying to dang a fence and cross into israel. soldiers only fired of a palestinians ignored warning shots. corner powell live in jerusalem for us. is this affecting the cease-fire? john, this is normally the time of incident that would undermine a cease-fire agreement, particularly because just so little trust between the two sides. but it appears now third day cease-fire is holding. both sides accuse each other of violating the cease-fire. one person from the palestinian area and gaza was killed and 19 others were injured. but that was about as inflammatory as the language got. and, in fact, the top leader from hamas in gaza seemed to
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indicate that. >> investigate the case. our information that it is not israeli -- i think some people tried to go inside and to make something. >> now, over the next days, weeks and months, this agreement will be tested. there is no doubt about that. but so far both sides, israel and hamas leadership appear to be willing to work with the international communities to try to maintain the cease-fire, jon. >> jon: on that cease-fire they still have to work out some of the details, right? >> that's right. there is a lot of vagueness about this agreement. the cease-fire calls for easing of blockade around gaza for hamas leaders and palestinians in gaza. they want to see that blockade removed now and completely israeli officials are obviously a lot more reluctant but both sides are working with the international community particularly egypt and the united states to try to put some teeth to that
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agreement. what will actually come out over the next days and weeks is not clear but they are working with the international community to do something, jon. >> jon: conor powell live from jerusalem tonight. thanks, conor. president is also dealing with trouble in his own country. [sirens] >> he just gave himself a lot more power. basically claiming he is above the law. now, thousands of protesters say he has got to go. a live update from cairo next. from the journalists of fox news this is "the fox report." americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future. ♪
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>> tens of thousands of protesters fighting in egypt furious over their new president's daring power grab. [siren] >> this was the scene in famed tahrir square. pro-democracy demonstrators got into vicious fights with the president's supporters in the muslim brotherhood. it's after the nation's new leader issued a series of new orders essentially giving him
4:17 pm
total power over egypt. among his decrees an order that all decisions he makes are final. no legislature or court can overturny law he makes. the president says he is just trying to speed up the new government's transition. opponents argue is he essentially appointing himself a new dick carat. steve harrigan with the news live in cairo. steve? >> john, at 2:00 in the morning here, we are still hearing some small explosions between the pro-he testers and those security forces, the numbers are down from late this afternoon. when it looked like 40 or 50,000 people were gathered on that square. there has been a real sense of fury, too, among the protesters on the street. these are people of different ages from different political background really united by one thing that they feel like their revolution that he fought for in the past year is in danger of being hijacked. one man their democratically elected president can now trying to put himself above the law and above the courts. what we have right now is a
4:18 pm
standoff. on the one hand the egyptian president saying he will will not back down from his decrees but that they are only temporary, only it until a new constitution is ready. we have the protesters now behind me setting up tense on the square. they say they are here to stay. john back to you. >> jon: steve harrigan. thank you. egyptian protests breaking out day just days after thanks the egyptian president for helping broker the cease-fire. the latest in the diplomatic dilemma live from the white house coming up. first a prominent u.s. senator wants to know if federal investigators learned about general petraeus affair long before they started reading his emails. we'll have a live report from d.c. plus, take a look at our first live pictures of the aftermath of that massive gas explosion in springfield, massachusetts. breaking developments and a live report from the scene coming up. se the roof!! no one says that anymore, mom. [ shopper ] raise the roof!
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>> jon: a republic senator is demanding answers about the investigation of former cia director david petraeus. general petraeus resigned after the fbi found out he had an affair with his biographer paula broadwell. investigators say they discovered the affair by accident after tampa socialite jill kelly reported threatening emails that turned out to be from broadwell. were kelly also knows petraeus and broadwell saw her as competition. catherine herridge live in our d.c. newsroom. what does the senator want to know about this investigation? >> well, thank you, jon. in this two page letter senator grassley wants the fbi and justice department who signed off on the fbi investigation. what is the relationship with his buying geafer first came to light a year ago background check of general petraeus for the position.
4:23 pm
monitor petraeus' personal email that is a high threshold to meet. >> we really need to make a probable cause type showing in other words you need to show there is a need for this information. that you have reasonable cause to believe that there may be unlawful activity or you might be uncovering information that could lead to unlawful activity you also need to show you can't get the information through normal needs. you are making a significant intrusion on privacy. >> based on the letter the senator seems to be investigating the benghazi controversy with the same meticulous approach he used during the fast and furious gun running scandal, jon. >> jon: any response from the justice department? >> the attorney general recently defended his decision not to make those notifications. we made the determination as we were going through the matter that there was not a threat to national security. had we made the determination that a threat to national security existed, we would have, of course, have made
4:24 pm
that known to the president and also to the appropriate members on the hill. >> also the heads of the house and intelligence committees recently confirmed that this lack of notification about the fbi case is part of their congressional inquiries. jon. >> the mess goes on. catherine marriage, thanks. -- herrige, thanks. >> the cease-fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding. with israel divided over the truce. they are actually if it townships actually strengthen the hands of gaza. the gas explosion that brought down several buildings in springfield, massachusetts. we're getting new information on the number of injuries coming up on "the fox report." . that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use.
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>> jon: back to our breaking news now and huge gas explosion rocking doubt springfield, massachusetts. take a look at new video from the scene showing just how bad this blast really was. officials say a gas leak in the area somehow ignited. officials say at least 8 people are hurt. witnesses report flying glass and even brings. a america's newsroom cloud rising above the scene as well. folks say they felt and heard the boom miles away. we're told several buildings were damaged including a scores gentleman club and a day care center. reporter anthony deloren zoe from boston's fox 25 has just arrived at the explosion scene in springfield. anthony, what's the latest
4:29 pm
there? >> jon, it's a miracle that not more people were seriously hurt in this blast that happened around 5:30 tonight. i can tell you we were just two miles away here in springfield. we felt a building shake. we'll take a live look right now. you can see for yourself this is worthingtoning street in downtown springfield. the entertainment district which would normally be packed with people. as you can see he three buildings have been reduced to rubble. flying glass and debris all over the radius of several blocks here. we are told from police on the scene that at least 8 people were injured in this blast all emergency personnel that responded here around 5:00 tonight because they heard that there was a report of a gas leak across the street from a gentleman's club. when they arrived soon after that is when the blast happened. several fighters were hurt by flying debris. gas workers were taken to the hospital. fortunately though no major injuries to report that t. is a miracle that is because they evacuated the entire area
4:30 pm
right before this had happened. you would have to imagine there would have been scores of people inside of these buildings going about their business during the time of it and would have been severely hurt. can you see right now that there are people who are over here. they are checking out the scene right now and making sure that there is is no more situation that there is no more explosions might ignite right now. the gas company son the scene. cordoning people back and testing for any gas still in the area could be leaking there is a fear that another could happen. still assessing the situation we are awaiting a police briefing just about a half an hour from now, jon? >> they are keeping people away in case there is that second explosion? >> that's exactly right. they are pushing people back several blocks. they cordoned off about a two block radius initially. they keep pushing back that perimeter to make sure there are no additional casualties associated with this big blast that happened in downtown springfield, massachusetts, third largest city tonight
4:31 pm
during the height of rush hour,. >> jon: jon anthony did i loren zoe, thank you. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. a new poll shows about half of israelis did not want their government to stop pounding hamas militants in gaza. according to an israeli research firm, 49% of those polled said israel should have kept firing on militant targets. 31 percent said they support their government's decision to reach a cease-fire. the same survey showed that the prime minister benjamin netanyahu's party has lost some support ahead of elections set for late january. but analysts say they expect the prime minister to stay in power. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt with the news. jonathan clearly not a military victory for hamas but politically does this make them stronger? >> yeah. and the politics of this are at least as important to both sides as the military outcome. hamas for its part is not just fighting israel. it's also involved in a linger-time battle with fat
4:32 pm
that, which is the party of palestinian president mahmoud abbas. what hamas leaders believe they have achieved is to demonstrate to the palestinian people that their choice to attack israel and negotiate from that point gets better results than the baathist preferred method of peaceful negotiations. the rocket attacks are the reason israel is committed to at least considering easing the economic embargo. they are also loudly promoting the perception that they stood up to the israeli aerial on slot and that israel was afraid to launch a ground war. even some influential voices on the israeli side are accusing prime minister netanyahu of backing down. the former head of the israeli defense forces now a political rival of netanyahu said, quote: the goals of his operation were not reached and the next round is only a matter of time. we should not have stopped at this stage. hamas got stronger and we did not gain deterrence.
4:33 pm
prime minister netanyahu of course would say that his goal was to stop the rocket attacks. he did that and that israel still has the ability to go back in and crush hamas militarily if it deems it is necessary. jon. >> jon: but this is not the first time that attacking israel has helped. what much of the world considers a terrorist group. >> yeah, you only have to go back to 2006 the war that israel fought against hezbollah in will be none. launched a range of rocket attacks against israel. israeli forces launched a similar onslaught against them. at the end of all of that hezbollah became much more popular in lebanon. much more powerful politically, now you may see a similar situation play out in in the palestinian people. what other experts way woo say the border, into israel has been largely quiet since 2006. since that war, israelis would
4:34 pm
hope that there may be a similar outcome and they would certainly settle for six years of no rocket attacks across that southern border from gaza, jon. >> jon: jonathan hunt, thank you. that tension in the middle east affecting the colmes of crude oil. oil prices fell after wednesday's cease-fire agreement between israel and hamas. but after today's deadly shooting in gaza, prices climbed back up on fears the truce might falter. crude prices for january delivery jumped 71 cents to more than 81 bucks a barrel on the new york mercantile exchange. here in the u.s. a national average for gallon of gas dropped to 3.43. still 10 cents higher than last thanksgiving. earlier we told you about the egyptian president's controversial power grab. it comes just two days after he helped secure a cease-fire between israel and hamas militants in gaza. and the white house and others praised the islamist leader for his instrumental role in ending the 8 day conflict.
4:35 pm
it appears whatever political capital morsey gained is he now spending. u.s. officials now expressing concern. jennifer griffin live at the white house for us now. jennifer, what are we hearing from the obama administration? nothing from the president or the secretary of state yet. earlier in the week the white house released this photograph of the president on the phone with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu encouraging him to accept a cease-fire with hamas brokered by the egyptian president. today the state department issues this off camera statement about egypt, quote: one of the as aspirations of the revolutions was that power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution it did not mexico president morsey by name or the coo he engineered two days after meeting secretary of state clinton in cairo, jon. >> jon: was a significant move from president morsey, why now? >> essentially because he was
4:36 pm
elevated during this past week with the cease-fire agreement he was seen to be a peace maker, a power broker by both the u.s. and israel. >> he must feel now with all the international acclaim that he has got a free hand and so within a matter of days he just begins to crush her internal opposition and cease power and take it into his own hands in a pretty nondemocratic way. he basically sponsored or moderated this agreement because is he going to get dividends from the united states. is he going to get money from the united states. going to be difficult to go to congress and say do not send money to morsey. the next test will be when next week the palestinian president mahmoud abbas goes to the u.n. general assembly where he is expected to raise the issue of palestinian statehood. convince the palestinian president not to do so. now it doesn't look like the president of egypt will stand in his way.
4:37 pm
jon? >> jon: jennifer griffin at the white house, thank you. word today that north korea may be planning a long range missile test as early as next month. citing u.s. intelligence sources. the isolated north korean regime has claimed to have developed missiles capable of reaching the u.s. though its last two test launches failed. the report of a new launch test comes as south korea's presidential candidates face off how to handle the communist north. the two koreas technically still at war since neither side ever signed a peace treaty after the korean war back in the 1950s. a woman has drowned after a big wave capsized a boat off pop pan mow beach, florida. returning from a thanksgiving day dive trip. crew members into the water. it basically capsized. >> wave caught it from behind and it flipped. it steams like slow motion.
4:38 pm
unbelievable. >> officials say nearby boaters jumped into help and rescue teams brought four people into hospital where one vacation being woman who died a short time later. investigating the incident. for now it looks like a trach accident. now down the south florida coast i should say in miami beach the coast guard unloaded almost a ton of cocaine that smugglers had dumped into the ocean. they say it's worth 22 million bucks into the street. coast guard mounting operation against smugglers in the caribbean and got some help from the navy in october. that ship bad guys 42 brings of coke into the water. they didn't catch the crook but he feels booed about taking $22 million out of their pockets. even as the cleanup from sandy continues, some things were back to normal details on that
4:39 pm
ahead. plus, the thanksgiving brawl involving hollywood super star halle berry. her new fiancee and old boyfriend who also happens to be her baby daddy. which one ended up in the hospital. that's next. i have a cold... i took dayquil,
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>> actress halle entery's ex-boyfriend showed up at her house and got in a fight with her current boyfriend and went to the hospital and then went to jail. that's according to police in los angeles. an officer said cops arrested the ex after someone called about an assault at entery's house. released him for unspecified injury and out on bail while police investigate him for battery. two have been in custody battle over 4-year-old daughter. berry has a new boyfriend now. he has said the two are engaged. coastal areas in the northeast are still cleaning up after super storm sandy but today, a hint of normalcy in some of those hard hit areas as stores open their doors for holiday
4:43 pm
shoppers. rick leventhal has more from brooklyn. >> nearly a month after hurricane sandy slammed new york, some flooded businesses remain closed. but toys are us didn't want to miss out on one of the busiest shopping day of the year. built a tent in its parking lot and opened just in time. >> it's easy. here it was empty. it's empty. i didn't even know it was open. i'm on my way to home depot and i saw that the sign said now open so i ran in. >> they didn't have what you were looking for. >> they didn't have what i needed. >> the store manager says this black friday is slower than last year. less room and less inventory and fewer temperatures. uncomfortable buying gifts when so many are still suffering. >> kind of feel guilty when you do that i'm getting all these things and all those people don't have. that's why we have been donating loot of toys and we try to do what we can. >> this store backs up to the bay. when the storm hit, the water forced its way in and up through the floor showering and ruining everything on the ground level. described as like a series of
4:44 pm
bombs going off. the store itself could accommodate 1100 customers at a time. this tent can only handle about 200. >> some were surprised to find the tent open. others surprised they didn't have to wait in line. >> we heard this big sale on diapers and that's why we came here and got what we were looking for. >> no lines to wait n not as there was last year. >> toys r us plans to keep using the temporary space until the store can be repaired in six to eight months. in brooklyn, new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> as the sandy clean up continues across the northeast. long island officials are turning to new technology to prevent fraud by debris removal contractors. law enforcement officials say it's a common problem after natural disasters. some firms lie about how much wreckage their workers actually carried away. bulking the government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal clean up money. now, officials in nassau county, new york are using g.p.s. software that blinks
4:45 pm
ipad to clean up and verify reports that contractors give to fema. they are calling him a thanksgiving miracle. doctors say they thought this little baby had died before he was even born. his mom showed up at a chicago hospital after having complications with her pregnancy. the doctors told her it was too late to save the baby. >> i had to sort of be very honest with her and say we don't have heart beat. another doctor came in and said i'm sorry your baby passed. we can't find the heart beat. >> but then little noah gapped and gasped and medical team managed to revive hifl him. >> i'm very very blessed. god heard my prayers. >> it's a miracle. you can't say anything other than that. >> doctors say noah is doing fine and should be able to go home in a few days. >> a toddler to decided to take a ride down a laundry shoot had to be rescued after he got stuck part way down. >> we just woke up to a blood kurd ling scream and everybody was jumping up looking because
4:46 pm
we could hear him. >> my sister was like oh my god he is in the wall. how did he get in the wall. >> he had opened the door and gone in the shoot. >> it happened in manchester, new hampshire. the 2-year-old's parents could not get to him. while they waited for rescue crews dad says he punched a hole in the wall so he couldon'. firefighters eventually got there and freed the child. he has some bumps and bruises but is he expected to be just fine. millions of americans eat beef but more and more these days the focus is turning to what the cattle are eating. next, what's behind the growing popularity of grass-fed beef. plus, you have heard of living in the middle of nowhere but how about living in the middle of a highway? we will tell why one homeowner says he will not relocate. with verizon.
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>> jon: beef is the biggest thing in american agriculture worth $44 billion a year. and industry experts say a small part of that market grass fed beef is getting a lot bigger. one beef producer says in the late 1990s there were about 100 grass fed farms. now there are about 2,000. it takes longer and therefore costs more to raise cows on grass but the farmers doing it say grass-fed is healthier for the cows. the environment, and the consumer. alicia acuna live in denver. some say it's better but not always that easy to find. >> right, john, because depending on where you live it can be a challenge. restaurants will carry it but markets will often sell out. so what a lot of families decide to do is go in with others. and what they do is buy a whole cow and then just fill up their freezer. we talked to david jessup who raises gas fed cattle in loveland, colorado. >> demand we found is just growing.
4:51 pm
we have doubled our production just in this past year. without really doing any advertising because people are finding out about this and wanting it and they are calling us. we are sold out two months in advance. there is environmental geft they move along the range each day creating less damascus. >> some people say grass fed beef has a different taste. does it. >> a stronger flavor if can you imagine that. more that tall jik is one way we have heard this described. the way our grandparents were more likely used to eating their beef. -- there is a whole world of food that americans in general are starting to eagerly embrace and starting to really get excited about trying new flavors and trying new old
4:52 pm
flavors if you will. >> in terms of the health benefits. the meat is leaner and has a pryer proportion of those all-important omega threes, jon? >> jon: makes me want to go home and cook up a steak. alicia acuna, thank you. flames light up the night sky as they rip through an apartment building. our top story as we go around the story in 80 seconds. independent i can't, the fire broke out in mum guy. 13 hours to maintain the thing. nobody inside. the floor was under construction. no word on what started the fire. china, a five story house now sits in the middle of a road in an eastern province. the homeowner refusing to relocate. he says the government is not offering him enough to make way for a new railway station. local officials still negotiating with him. mexico ♪ ♪
4:53 pm
>> jon: hundreds of mayor afternoon which i mayor off which i musicians. patron saint of musicians. they marched shrine to basilica for honorary mass. >> ecuador, new hope subspecies of tortoise may exist. officials had declared it extinct after the death of lonesome george. researchers recently took blood samples from some 1700 tortoises and say more than a dozen have genes similar to lonesome gorgeous and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> jon: why waste your time trying to come up with a clever voice mail recording when you can pay a pro to dedo
4:54 pm
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for less than 300 bucks you can have william shatner tom hanks or betty white answer your phone calls. it's part of the fundraiser for autism speaks foundation. celebrities are offering custom voice mail recordings on a first come first serve basis. $299 with all proceeds going toward autism research. other stars taking part will include will ferrell and yankees shortstop derek jeter. new could hit the tracks as early as new years' eve. pacific railroad luxury train line southern california and downtown vegas. the ceo of the project says the adults only party train will have publish leather seats big screens tvs and high end bar cars he's put it essentially a nightclub on
4:58 pm
wheels. one way trips set to start at 99 bucks. $325 million could buy you a lot of christmas gifts. that's the sort of money that someone might be shopping with this year. it is the top prize for tomorrow night's power ball drawing. the lottery is played in 43 states. wednesday night marked the 14th consecutive drawings in which no one hit the jackpot. cool critter time now and take a look at this. you would be upset. a swiss shepard dog. zoo keepers say she is very patient. even when the club's -- cubs show their claws and his at her. no threat to the dog at least for now. i didn'tupdating top stories.
4:59 pm
violent protests after president sweeping new supports that could lead to dictatorship. the push to start black friday early might be here to stay. >> officials with many big box retailers to open stoors last night was a big hit with bag garr hunters. at least 8 people hurt after a huge gas blast in downtown springfield, massachusetts. crews evacuated people before the explosion after folks reported smelling gas nearby. offer r. on this day in 1976, jerry lee lewis brought a gun to grace land. he went back a long way with elvis presley. both were part of a jam session. when lewis showed up early morning hours outside presley's mansion, the security guard refused to let him in. that's when the gun came out. lewis reportedly waived it around and asked the guard to tell presley that the killer was there to see him. police showed up a short time later and a

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